Monday, February 4, 2008

I Wonder What You Dream About...

At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, I dream about pop nights like the one that we were able to put together last night at The Scene. This one was quite near and dear to my heart as I was finally able to book two of my very favorite local (well one local, one almost local) iniepop bands The Tartans, and Maria. I know I talk about the Tartans and Maria ad nauseum around these parts, but I really can't stress enough how amazing these two bands are. Last night they were able to wow me even further. I'll never understand how bands are able to do this, but I will not question it. Murder Mystery drove to us all the way from New York (making a few stops along the way of course,) and were a tremendous amount of fun. They won more than a few new fans, and considerably upped the squaregirls' pre- existing considerable fandom. They also (in what I can only hope will be a new Sunday night tradition) covered an Orange Juice song. This time around it was "Poor Old Soul." Swoon. As for my contribution to the evening, I will never get past the giddy feeling that comes from playing Black Tambourine, Pop Will Eat Itself, The June Brides, etc. to people who get just as excited about hearing Black Tambourine, Pop Will Eat Itself, the June Brides, etc. played loudly through club speakers as I do. I'm always surprised to find that these people exist in Los Angeles, but well, I'm simply thrilled (honey) that they do. And Brian from the Tartans rocked it so hard during his guest DJ set, I'm not actually sure that I'm worthy to so much as speak to him again until my own skills in that department improve drastically. As always, we could not possibly be any more grateful to everyone who came out, and enjoyed the bands with us. You seriously made our month!

I've got a lot of work to catch up on today, so I won't have time to post the full concert rundown for the week until tomorrow. Here are the options for tonight (Monday,) and boy are there options...

The Karabal Nightlife, Kissing Cousins, & Sonadora at Bordello

Vampire Weekend at Amoeba Music

Henry Clay People, Coco B’s, Le Switch, & The Natural Disasters at The Echo

The Lynx Technique; Names in Vain; Jim, Son of James, & Johnny Mack at The Scene

Robert Francis, Jesse Denatale, & Dan Cranes at The Silver Lake Lounge

Icarus Line at The Viper Room

Hot Chip at The El Rey

KCRW Presents Rickie Lee Jones at Echoplex

Pinhead Gunpowder at The Troubadour

Sean Carnage Presents Foot Village, Carla Bozulich, Sonelle, Barry Conley, & Jeff Boynton at Pehrspace

The Pity Party, The Happy Hollows, Light FM, & Rademacher at Spaceland

It seems like there is something for nearly everyone tonight. If you happen to be planning to stop by Amoeba on your way home to buy some records resign yourself to parking far away, and fighting through a crowd. If you happen to be stopping by Amoeba on your way home from work to see Vampire Weekend, well resign yourself to parking far away and fighting through a crowd, but get there early so you'll be able to see! I've heard a lot of really good things about the Karabul Night Life's show they're at Bordello which is a nice place to spend some time, insane construction surrounding the general area aside. It's always possible to catch Rademacher and The Happy Hollows at Spaceland, then dash over to the Echo for the first night of The Henry Clay People's residency where Le Switch play as well. No my current jangle pop drunkenness has not made me forget my rock crush on Le Switch. Of course if venue hopping seems to daunting for you I should point out that The Natural Disasters are a lot of fun, and they join the Henry Clays, and Le Switch... It's also the first night of the Rickie Lee Jones residency at the Echoplex. Those shows are bound to be impressive.


jenny said...

i love maria so much! i totally need to be friends with you. ya'll gots a myspace?

squaregirls said...

hi jenny, sorry i didn't see this sooner! Yes we do have a myspace. It's here.
Hopefully you can make it to one of our shows someday too!