Tuesday, February 12, 2008

See Her Runing Around She's The Girl About Town That You (Probably Haven't) Heard Of 2/12- 2/17

I realize that noon on a Tuesday is a bit illogical of a time to be posting a concert calendar that for all intents and purposes SHOULD be ready to go first thing Monday morning. This is what happens when one gets distracted by lovely Sunday afternoon things, and distracted by the promise of being wowed by Kid Congo at The Echo on Sunday night, and that same person has to make it to Santa Monica from Echo Park by nine the next morning. People like that seem to forget how very little brain function these things leave them with on Mondays. Next week will be better, I promise. I trust that you still defer to him, him, him, this guy, these fine folks... right?


Versa Vice, She's Your Sister, Sumo, and The Black Tales at The Silverlake Lounge

Talkdemonic, and Guam at Spaceland

The Bombs, We Are Good Friends, El Paso Hot Button, and Gravity Propulsion System at The Scene

Rufus Wainwright at The Wiltern

Dublab and Part Time Punks Present "Give Up," and/or a Sad, Slow Dance party at La Cita.

I simply cannot get past my excitement over the fact that for once this "Give Up" night is NOT opposite Radio Free Silver Lake's Let's Independent.

Prepare yourself for Valentine's Day in the proper style by dancing and crying (also, I'm imagining, falling and laughing...) here:


The Weather Underground, and Free Moral Agents at The Silverlake Lounge

Andre Williams, and The Flash Express at Spaceland

I Make This Sound, The Breakups, The Amateurs, and Le Switch at The Echo

Wonderground, Brian Wright, Ferraby Lionheart, Cory Branan, and Hayes Carll at The Hotel Cafe

Darkest Hour at The Roxy

It's been a while since I've made it to a Le Switch show, and I feel like I might start going through withdrawl soon. I've heard very nice things about the rest of the bands that are joining them at the Echo as well. The show is I Make This Sound's EP release party. The fact that they're in such good company speaks well for them. I hope I'll be able to make it to this one.


The Black Lips, Pierced Arrows, and Terrible Twos at El Rey Theatre

Was Not Was, Brian Wilson, and Kris Kristofferson at The Orpheum Theatre

Matt Hopper, The Old Believers, and The Meemies at Pehrspace

The Entrance Band, Warpaint, Golden Animals, Ben Goodman & Alina Hardin, and Dionysus at The Silverlake Lounge

Mellowdrone at Spaceland

Echo Park Records presents: Very Be Careful, Paul Devro, Dam Funk, and Grupo Fantasma at The Echoplex

Darkest Hour, Cephalic Carnage, Emmure, Enter Shikari, White Chapel at The Glass House (Pomona)

Blood Red Orchestra, The Front, The Monolators, and Joshua Lanes at The Prospector (Long Beach)

LOT's to do tonight if you're single or not the "nice, quiet, romantic dinner with my sweetheart type of couple." As cool as that Was Not Was thing with Brian Wilson and Kris Kristofferson at the Orpheum sounds, it also sounds exspensive. This thing that the L.A. Record is presenting at the Cha Cha Lounge sounds awesome though. Always nice to see Jax on the ones and twos as well:

FRIDAY 2/15:

Siouxsie Sioux, and Rasputina at The Henry Fonda Theater

Nikki Corvette, The Dazes, Wild Weekend, Thee Cormans, and Jail Weddings at Mr. T's Bowl

Stepsonday, Good on Paper, and The Health Club at Pehrspace

St. Vincent, and Foreign Born at The Echoplex

Grand Ole Party, and Love Grenades at The Echo

Cobra Starship, Metro Station, We the Kings, and The Cab at The Glass House (Pomona)

GoGo Simba, OVO, Dim Rocket Delta, and Hundreds & Thousands at The Smell

DJ Shadow, and Cut Chemist at The Wiltern

We squaregirls do love the Health Club, and we love Pehrspace just as much so I can tell you that this would for sure be an excellent way to spend your Friday night. However, with St. Vincent at the Echoplex I have to give a slight advantage to the touring band. Her live show is quite amazing.


Siouxsie Sioux, and Rasputina at The Henry Fonda Theater

Deke Dickerson's All Star Frat Band, Th' Losin' Streaks, The Okmoniks, The Jinxes, The Lateenos Special Ed, and The Del Lames at Mr. T's Bowl

Liam Finn, Rocco Deluca, and Nico Stai at Spaceland

Echo Park Records presents: Arabian Prince, Glass Candy, Guns and Bombs, Los Super Elegantes, DJ avi$, and DJ Appaloosa at The Echoplex

Hang the DJs w/ The War Tapes, and Spider Problem at the Echo

Le Face, Vomit Bomb, Bad Parents, and Pukers at The Smell

Cobra Starship, Metro Station, We the Kings, and The Cab at The Troubadour (SOLD OUT)

I just realized that I've only ever heard good things about Hang the DJs, but have never been to one of their nights, and I very much want to check out Spider Problem cause what I've heard online sounds cool, and the Echo is always great so...

SUNDAY 2/17:

The A-Bones, Rock N Roll Adventure Kids, Haunted George, The Guilty Hearts, Les Hormones, and Wounded Lion at Mr. T's Bowl

Electrocute, and Har Mar Superstar at Spaceland

Alex and Sam, Rachel Cantu, Dustin Boyer at Tangier

Baby D, and BARR at The Echo

I.E., Flaspar, Teppop, Fortress of Amplitude, and Human Hands at The Smell

Part Time Punks: Smiths Nite at The Echo

Squaregirl Kristen said that she really liked Alex & Sam when she saw them a few months ago. Funny too, that Part Time Punks latest Smiths night happens to fall on Valentine's Day week. I've always maintained that there should be a counter holiday to Valentine's Day, and that the only logical name for this holiday would be St. Morrisey's Day...

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Valentine's Day is also International Weezer T-Shirt Day