Friday, February 22, 2008

Who Invented the Typical Girl?

What an unbelievably exciting day (even though it began WAY too early for me.) First, I return home to find not one, but two nifty blog posts from Squaregirl Awesome (damn, I keep mixing up her name) Squaregirl Kristen, rather. Then I find that I have two more fantastic posts that are just a copy, paste, and click of the publish button away from our email account to your eyes. The first will be a review of last Friday's stellar St. Vincent show at the Echoplex cleverly compared and contrasted to her show in Santa Barbara the following day, submitted graciously by our new contributor Squaregirl Rachel. The second will come from equally as new, equally as gracious Squaregirl Eliza picking up my slack on the "Listening too Long to One Song" segment this week with a short, sweet, and often fucking hilarious explanation of why she can't stop listening to Swedish band Those Dancing Days. Oh, and from now on we'll be signing our names to confuse you less, and make ourselves feel more professional.

Hey, look at that, the future of Squaregirls is here today!

Actually, come to think of it, is that even physically possible?...

I really need to sleep...

Hooray for new writers!

~Squaregirl Marion

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