Saturday, January 26, 2008

See Her Runing Around She's The Girl About Town That You (Probably Haven't) Heard Of 1/28 - 2/3

Hello. I hope that all of you had a good weekend, collectively. Mine was spent alternately waitressing, and being completely lazy with virtually nothing in between. I blame the weather.

Though I did brave the chilly air, and (later) the rain to make my brief walk to and from the Echo for Part Time Punks. Worth it, so very very worth it. It was perhaps the most fun night I've ever spent at that particular club, and I've spent many (too many?) nights there. The DJ sets were the best I've heard probably ever. And I now have the most giant crush on Magic Bullets. They covered Orange Juice, soundchecked their guitars with the Sea Urchins' "Pristine Christine," and cut Pastels' lyrics into their last song. Actually it was pointed out to me that if we were discussing literature I would say they alluded to the Pastels. Not only is this true, but even typing that someone else pointed it out to me makes me feel smarter by association. Their own songs are completely dreamy as well. Please listen to them here, and please do try to see them play if you ever have the chance.

It looks as if that was just the beginning of what looks to be the craziest week I'll have in 2008 (so far.) In addition to a busier than normal work schedule, our next squaregirls night is happening THIS Sunday, not to mention some very intriguing shows happening pretty much everyday before that. Here is what the week looks like:

MONDAY 1/28:

We Barbarians, Canon Blue, and In Waves at The Silverlake Lounge

The Parson Red Heads, The Idaho Falls, The Monolators, Papercranes at Spaceland

Radar Brothers, Brian Aubert, Adeline at The Echo

Idyllists, Sons and Lovers, Last American Buffalo, and The Growlers at The Viper Room

Fred Armisen, Petra Haden, Chelsea Peretti at The Troubadour

The fact we are on the last week of The Parson Red Heads Spaceland residency, and I still haven't seem them live makes me feel slightly lame. Especially when I consider all of the opportunities that I've had to see them even before the residency. Even more especially when I consider how everyone I know who HAS seen them swears by their unlimited fantasticness. Then I consider the fact that I get to see them tonight, and I feel giddy. And, I adore the Monolators, and can't recommend their live show strongly enough. The fact that they are playing this show as well, and it's free makes it seem like a no-brainer to me.


The Bravery at The House Of Blues/ Anaheim

Drug Rug at Spaceland

Upsilon Acrux, Little Women, Polar Goldie Cats, and Duhkha at The Smell

One of my friends told me about Drug Rug few months back. I remember liking what I heard on their Myspace page a lot. Plus Spaceland is pretty much always one of the best places in town to see a show. I don't know much about Upsilon Acrux, but I Upsilon Acrux keep meaning to check them out, and I am intrigued to see what a band called Polar Goldie Cats is like. The Smell is always a good place to see a show as well (especially if you are under 21, or 18, or any age for that matter.)


Kind Hearts and Coronets, Old Toy Trains, The Chapin Sisters, and AJ Roach at Bordello

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals at Royce Hall

Jessie Evans, Von Iva, and Deadbeat at The Silverlake Lounge

The Section Quartet, Leviathan Brothers at The Echo

Mr. Lif, and The Perceptionists at The Knitting Factory

El Ten Eleven, People Noise, and The Kax at The Scene

The Mars Volta at The UCI Bren Events Center

Castaneda, Roman Numerals, and Asher at Spaceland (Club NME)

The Chapin Sisters' harmonies would probably make me cry if I were the kind of girl that cried over exceedingly pretty pop vocals, they do some fun covers too. I also liked Kind Hearts & Coronets' record from last year a lot so Bordello seems to me to be the best bet on this night (actually the only bet for me since I'm hanging the KCRW posters.) I know very little about hip hop so nothing that I say about the subject can be taken as any sort of authority, having said that, I find the Perceptionists to be fucking cool, they're at the Knitting Factory. Last, but not least a couple of people that I've talked to lately seem to really like Castaneda, if you're a fan of epic, radio ready, electro pop songs, I can't imagine that you will be disappointed by what awaits you at from them at Spaceland.


Jessie Evans, Dame Darcy, Lily Marlene, and Milo at Bordello

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals at Royce Hall

The Airborne Toxic Event, The Deadly Syndrome, Morning Benders, and Castledoor at Spaceland

Dengue Fever at The Echoplex

Entrance, Langhorne Slim, Moonrats, Rumspringa, and Crystal Antlers at The Knitting Factory

Forcefield On, The Year Zero, Two Guns (w/ members of Fielding) at The Prospector / Long Beach

Really, if you are planning on attending the last night of the Airborne Toxic Event residency at Spaceland with The Deadly Syndrome, Castledoor, and DJ Kevin Bronson buy your ticket now! And still aim to get there at 9...

FRIDAY 2/01:

El Haru-Kuroi, Princeton, and Antiques at El Cid

Autolux, and Health at El Rey Theatre

The Monolators, The Front, Health Club, and Dirty City Brothers and Mr. T's Bowl

Springtime Is Wartime, Brother, Brother, and Manhattan Murder Mystery at Pehrspace

Bodies of Water, and Castanets at The Echo

The Black Dahlia Murder, 3 Inches of Blood, Hate Eternal, and Decrepit Birth at The Glass House (Pomona)

Matt Costa, and Delta Spirit at The Troubadour

Oh this one is tough. I saw Princeton last week, and they wowed me in a way that I didn't think that a band I've already been so wowed by could. I predict (if there is any justice in the world) that 2008 will be a very big year for Princeton. Of course the brilliant the Monolators, and squaregirls' loves the Health Club will be rocking Highland Park's finest Mr. T's Bowl. Though for me, the combo of Autolux, and Health at El Rey seems way too promising to pass up. I've been trying unsuccessfully to see Autolux since 2005. Hopefully Friday night is the night that all changes.


Mere Mortals, Xu Xu Fang, and Black Kites at Spaceland

The Deadly Syndrome at The Scene

Ashtray Babies, NASA Space Universe, and China Smoke at The Smell

We adore the Scene, and everyone in Los Angeles seems to adore The Deadly Syndrome, so...

SUNDAY 2/03:

Nu-tra at The Echo (Part Time Punks)

Squaregirls Present: The Tartans, Maria, and Murder Mystery at The Scene

Speaking of how much we adore the Scene, we have our next squaregirls night happening there THIS Sunday. Two of our favorite local, well one local one semi-local, indiePOP bands both on what is surely the greatest label that exists practically in our own backyard, YAY!. If, for whatever reason, you happen to read this blog regularly you may recall that I've mentioned the YAY! label once or twice here. Oxnard based Maria, and L.A. based The Tartans will be filling the Scene with the sweet, sweet sounds of jangly pop tunes. We also have the fantastic Murder Mystery traveling all the way from NYC to hang out with us, and to share some of their ultra catchy 50's sock hop-esque songs with a modern twist (including at least one highly addictive electro pop song.) And, as always squaregirl Kristen is attempting to break the world record for awesome by not only making the coolest flyer I've ever seen (posted below,) but she's also been telling me about the treats she is making for this one. She has mentioned homemade chocolate roses. I am in awe. I've been preparing for this one by having spent the good part of the past week ankle deep in 7 inches, Sarah and Subway Records comps, Smiths Records, Kinks Records, Byrds Records, Supremes... I'm sure you get the idea:) Research is almost never this much fun! Plus we have the multi- talented Brian of the Tartans pulling double duty as performer AND guest DJ! He's bringing along a small fraction of his outstanding 45 collection. I'm practically counting down the seconds until this night arrives. Surely we'll see you there? Email us at, or leave a comment below if you would like to be added to our $3 RSVP list.

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