Tuesday, February 19, 2008

See Her Runing Around She's The Girl About Town That You (Probably Haven't) Heard Of 2/19-2/24

Here's a helpful tip to any and all who might be reading this now. If you are ever sitting at home debating about whether you should venture outside and see Henry Clay People for the second or third time within three months, or whether you should stay right where you are it's always the right decision to err on the side of seeing the Henry Clay People again, always. They will not deliver the same show that you saw from them last time, and the next time that you see them it will completely different still. Because the are a ROCK band. A purely straightforward, drunken, injuring themselves on stage then playing through the set barely fazed, shout along inspiring ROCK band. See them live as often as you can.

Oh, and you might want to make it a point to see Kissing Tigers as soon as you are able. They were not at all what I was expecting, but kind of amazing nonetheless.

Here's what we've got for the rest of the week:


Keren Ann, Dean & Britta, and Sara Lov at El Rey Theatre

Siouxsie Sioux at the House Of Blues Anaheim

The Kris Special, and The Harpeth Trace at The Echo

Evil Maria, Spidey, The High Wires, and Keith Waggoner (of The Amateurs) at The Scene

The Hives, and The Donnas at The Wiltern

Surely you were already planning to go to this and I'm just offering you a friendly reminder, right...


Liam Finn at Amoeba Music

The Weather Underground, Calamity Magnet, Antiques, and Safety Glass at The Silverlake Lounge

Indie 103.1 presents Club NME w/ The Snow, and The Minor Canon at Spaceland

The Album Leaf, Kill Me Tomorrow, and What Laura Says Thinks & Feels at The Echo

Pinback at The Majestic Ventura Theater

I've heard only the nicest things about the live show of The Minor Canon so I figure it's time to finally check them out for myself. Anyone care to join me?


Pinback, MC Chris at The Avalon

Manhattan Murder Mystery, Health Club, Codpiece, and The French Semester at Mr. T's Bowl

The Entrance Band, Crystal Antlers, Lord Jeff, and What Made Milwaukee Famous at The Silverlake Lounge

Eject, Radars to the Sky, The Hectors, and Cosio at Spaceland

Helmet, Burning Brides, Darker My Love, Icarus Line, and Crystal Antlers at The Echo (Benefit for Manny Neito/Matt Crunk)

The Lovemakers, Phoenix & The Turtle, Astra Heights, and Stacy Clark at The Glass House (Pomona)

Classical Geek Theater and L.A. Underground Presents: The Monolators, Wait Think Fast, Summer Darling, and Friends of Dennis Wilson at The Scene

Captain Ahab, Naomi Elizabeth, Xrin Arms, Tik//TIk, and Pukers at The Smell

West Indian Girl, dios (malos), Woven, and Drugstore Cartel at The Troubadour

Surely you were already planning to go to this and I'm just offering you a friendly reminder, right...

The line-up is slightly different from that on the flier with the awesomely named Friends of Dennis Wilson replacing Shirley Rolls. Oh, and it's always worth mentioning that The Monolators are one of the best things to happen to local music in a while. And they have pretzels.

FRIDAY 2/22:

Kimya Dawson at Amoeba Music- Hollywood

Golden Animals, Hazelden, Rykarda Parasol, and What Made Milwaukee Famous at Bordello

Liars, No Age at El Rey Theatre

Divisadero, Foot Foot, Red Pony Clock, The Finches at Pehrspace

The Gray Kid at Spaceland

Built To Spill, and Meat Puppets at The Echoplex

Club Underground w/ Her Grace the Duchess, and Rocket at The Echo

Seasons, Co-op, and Ghost Machinist at The Scene

Anavan, Pharmacy, Lipstick Terror, and Bad Dudes at The Smell

The Lovemakers, Astra Heights, and Something for Rockets at Troubadour

It would be such a nice way to spend a Friday evening. Start early with Kimya Dawson at Amoeba then finish out the night with Red Pony Clock at Pehrspace. Funny, if I had simply read something about the number of people that are in Red Pony Clock, and the instruments that they play before actually hearing their recordings it would have sent up so many red flags for me. However, I first heard them on Happy Happy Birthday to Me comp, and was seriously impressed with their carefree, Beach Boys influenced, mariachi tinged indiepop. I'm very intrigued to see how this translates live.

If only I can figure out how to replace my blood with coffee or something like that before then...


Buddy, James Combs, and Willie Wisely at El Cid

Dirty Sweet, and Lions at Spaceland

Built To Spill, Meat Puppets at The Echoplex

Check Yo' Ponytail w/ Blaqstarr, Dave Nada, and Blue Jemz at The Echo

The Redwalls, Catfish Haven, Sabrosa Purr, and My Pet Saddle at The Knitting Factory (Front Stage)

The Henry Clay People, and Forcefield On at The Prospector (Long Beach)

Built to Spill were one of my biggest highlights at Austin City Limits in 2005. I'd go so far as to say you should probably try to see them at least once before you die, or something.

SUNDAY 2/24:

Robert Francis, The Shys, Juliette Commagere, and Nicholas Alexander & The Matadors at The Silverlake Lounge

Alex and Sam, Haim, and Dustin Boyer at Tangier
10:00 PM

Part Time Punks w/ Holy Shit at The Echo

Holy Shit! ... That promises to be a good show.

Yep, I went in that direction with my comment. I apologize, but it simply could not be avoided...

So those are my ideas for this week. Anybody have anything to add, or anything that you feel should be recommended?

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Ranch Party at Spaceland, tonight


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