Friday, September 26, 2008

Hungry Beat!

I have to make this probably the quickest post as i am due to leave for work in exactly eight minutes! Think I can make it?


I'd love to re-iterate how excited we are, how much we want to see your beautiful faces, and how we want even more to see you killer dance moves! I'm down to two minutes though.

I chat a little bit about the club night here. The more specific details on the night are listed in that very generous blog post from our friends at Classical Geek Theater as well!

If you would like an audio preview, you can find that here.

O.k. well, I am officially running late, but it will be worth every second if you stop by to dance with us tomorrow night!

~sqg marion

Monday, September 22, 2008

shoot the whole day down

I don't really like Mondays all that much. Particularly when I’ve just been off of work for a week. And even more particularly when I’ve spent that week up in the Pacific Northwest. I miss Seattle already.

The only thing saving my Monday (and that will make me brave the LA smog - cough cough) is a good show. And such is one tonight at the Echo. It's the second to the last of Death to Anders' Monday night residencies. It's an all-acoustic show with One Trick Pony, the Happy Hollows and Mad Gregs. Oh acoustic...a little calmer, a little more mellow and unplugged - kinda like Seattle.

Come join us tonight!

~sqg kristen

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vote With Your Heart (and Your Heart Should be Saying Monolators)

I've made no secret of the fact that the the Monolators are one of my favorite bands. So I regret that I've not yet jumped on the bandwagon with all of the other concerned citizens who are urging you to vote for them to play the Detour festival. Today is the last day to vote so PLEASE DO SO NOW:

vote here!

In other news, I'm DJ-ing this weekend!!! It promises to be quite a party with several DJs who are far more talented than I am, bands, and this very neat flier.

Stop by and dance with us on Saturday night!

~sqg Marion

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Someday (I Think) I'll be Dignified and Old

I've been listening to Forever Breathes the Lonely Word a lot within the past few days. I still haven't the faintest idea how to become intelligent enough to write about Felt...


I think it might have been too long since I've written things here. I'm just beginning to really take notice of the fact that a considerable part of my daily routine is missing - and I miss it! Trouble is, I haven't had too much time to muse obsessively about any single pop song, or find new bands, or well anything that might keep a music blog interesting and/or current.

Today, as I am finally getting back into the routine of reading other people's blogs, I read this. I very rarely burst out in a loud fit of laughter while reading something, but this breif post made me do just that. I'm a big advocate of the fact that the set up, and wording of a piece of writing can make it's humor far more effective than it's actual content. I am fairly confident that even if I had no idea what sha - la - la was, who Matt Haynes was, or even what a flexi disc was, that post still would have made me laugh out loud. I hope it has a similar effect on any of you who might be reading this.

Heaven is Above Your Head is a blog that for all intents and purposes I should have starting reading ages ago. I've known of it's existence for all of this year, and that it was one of the best indiepop blogs out there. Despite my lack of an office job to keep me in front of a computer all day, I don't know why it has taken me this long to add it to my mental list of things to read regularly, I guess these things just happen sometimes? I also guess that it is best to not search for an explanation, but to just be happy that you have finally found whatever it is that it took you so long to find.

Ahem, part of the reason that I haven't had much time to write here, or catch up with the newest posts from other blogs is that I've been researching, and writing my most recent column for Web in Front. You can read it here if you are so inclined. It has a lot to do with the role that identity (gender identity in particular) has played in the world of pop music, primarilly within the context of indiepop. It's a subject that I would eventually like to explore much further (hopefully) on an academic level, but I think this is a decent first effort. Anyway, I just though that it might be worth sharing with you here...

Lot's of DJ gigs coming up this month (including the first night of Hungry Beat! Sept 27 at Pehrspace!!!) so expect plenty of posts of the shameless self promotion variety. Maybe even a few of the "I'm in love with a new band or song variety..."

Oh goodness I hope so...

~sqg Marion