Friday, February 22, 2008

Listening Too Long To One Song: Those Dancing Days "Those Dancing Days"

I like my dance pop to come from people who look like they laugh a lot. And it’s obvious that this band does, all full of sunshine and bunny kisses and probably half a can of Bärnsten they stole from their parents. Upon hearing the song for the first time, I commented to a friend that it ignited an urge to go out dancing, drink too much and negotiate my standards. Does that sound like fun to you? Well it is! And so is this eponymous single by a quartet of Swedish schoolgirls on Wichita Recordings’ roster. By now, I sort of anticipate the chorus of rolling eyes when a new Scandinavian dance-pop group is introduced. I admit, once a herd of similarly labeled bands comes stampeding out of the same city, it can appear as annoyingly calculated as putting a picture of Arthur Schnitzler up on one’s Myspace page under “Heroes”.* But Those Dancing Days are different, I swear! They have such a youthful and sincere vibe and the ability to write catchy melodies. Singer Linnea’s vocals are probably best described as toeing the line of soulful, and I can’t wait to hear what she does with her talent as she matures. Luckily, TDD has the talent and charm to stick around long enough for us to see.

* No one really likes Arthur Schnitzler.

~Squaregirl Eliza

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S.F. said...

Plus, she's got an awesome fro helmet.