Thursday, August 21, 2008

Now They've Launched Another Sattelite... Tell Me, What Does This One Do?

I have a few new listening routines these days. My computer routine involves being glued to the Pains of Being Pure at Heart's Myspace page, my pre-bedtime routine is to listen to the Razorcuts album Storyteller LP (usually side one several times on repeat,) and my walking routine involves repeatedly listening to the recently released Phil Wilson Ep Industrial Strength.

Since I have just written about the excellent new Pains of Being Pure at Heart songs (see the previous post,) and since I cannot yet foresee myself writing anything about Razorcuts without venturing into uncomfortably geeky, fan-girl territory (even more so than usual) this leaves the terribly impressive new Phil Wilson Ep. It's four songs distributed amongst a double 7". They are all covers. The artists covered are Kraftwerk, Throbbing Gristle, S/T, and Faust. The songs that are covered are all re-imagined as pop songs. I find it difficult to stop listening to them. Phil Wilson really does have one of the most engaging singing voices that I have encountered so far in my musical journey. I always thought that this could be mostly attributed to just how well written his own lyrics are. Though with his recent cover of "Lee Remick" in mind, and now this collection of covers that are considerably further removed from songs that one might expect Phil Wilson to cover proves him to be one of those rare artists that can easily make any song his own. Honestly, his compelling voice, and excellent job of uncovering a hidden pop song have convinced me that I have surely not listened to Throbbing Gristle attentively enough in the past.

You can order this new Ep here. Notice also, the fantastic artwork contributed by Alistair Fitchett. If you are not familiar with Alistair Fitchett's art, writing, and/or record label you can catch up on it all over here.

~sqg marion

Sounds Like a Mountain Range in Love...

Hey! Have you visited the Pains of Being Pure at Heart's Myspace page lately? If not, please leave this page right now, go over there and listen to all of the fantastic new songs they have added, then come back here and leave comments so that we can discuss exactly how fantastic those songs are. "Young Adult Friction" is now in solidly in the running with the Lodger track "The Good Old Days," and the Bridal Shop's "Violation" single to become my favorite song of 2008. I can't find any evidence to prove this, but I desperately want to believe that "Young Adult Friction" will be the B-side to the "Everything With You" 7" that Slumberland Records is planning to release in October. I am just desperate to have this song on vinyl so that I can play it loudly with every intention of making everyone who happens to be in the room that I am playing it in dance as though they might never have the chance to dance again!

~sqg marion

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Staying Up, Eating Candy Floss

My life as a record collector never fails to provide me with surprises. I find myself paying much more than I would even consider paying for something in a store just because I am caught up in the moment of an Ebay bidding war. Of course I also have lists of 7"s that I would love to own, but that I also assume I will never see in real life. Courtney Love is a perfect example of this. Courtney Love released only three 7" EPs in the late 80s, and contributed a few songs to various comps for various labels. After a few years, the project disolved. Naturally having only read about this project on the internet I assumed that these songs would be impossible to track down. So far I have found two out of the three singles while casually browsing at record stores. I have still so far spent less than ten dollars total on Courtney Love singles.

I guess this would be a good time to mention that the Courtney Love that I am referring to is a band that was comprised of Lois Maffeo (more often known simply as Lois) and Pat Maley who went on to run the Yo-Yo studio, and label in Olympia. There is no definitive story as to how Lois Maffeo, and Courtney Michelle Harrison both came to use the name Courtney Love. I suppose the most popular one is that they decided as roommates in Olympia that Courtney Love would be a perfect rock and roll name. The songs that the band Courtney Love recorded sound pretty much nothing like the songs that the person Courtney Love recorded. They actually sound quite a bit like Lois' solo material which is mostly comprised of slightly off-kilter acoustic guitar, strummed in sweet, simple, dance-able rhythms. There are plenty of lyrics about crushes (or lack there of) handled in a smart, honest way. Some of my favorite things to hear in pop songs.

I can promise that you will hear at least one Courtney Love (band) song if you come to this thing tonight:

this wednesday!

Girlie action is defined by sexy, sophisticated, lovely ladies mixing the latest and greatest- we're celebrating new faces square girls, and la sandy on the decks while missing our own, dj mexi-kim, who’s record digging (vacationing) abroad- la sandy lays down thick disco funk and hip hop tracks while the dynamic duo square girls play an eclectic assortment dance floor fillers, and indie obscurities- be there


the Broadway Bar
830 S Broadway Blvd
Downtown LA @ 8th St



I will be DJ-ing, and since it's an all girl night I'm going to do my best to keep it to at least 80 percent female artists (I'm totally counting male/female duets) and songs that have the word girl in them.

We really hope to see you tonight!

~sqg Marion

Monday, August 4, 2008

That's J- Double O - S -E

On a recent trip to San Francisco one of my friends discovered/became mildly obsessed with a malt liquor energy drink called Joose. It's like Sparks, but has a higher alcohol content and is flavored to taste kind of like, well, juice. When we returned we were directed by another friend to the Joose Website, and the wide variety of amazing theme songs that they have created. Naturally someone has turned all of those theme songs into a montage on YouTube:

The brilliant part is how they manage to work the alcohol content into the songs.

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. I just haven't had much time to rummage through the internets for interesting new bands, or spend any significant length of time processing my feelings for old pop songs. Though I do have a new article posted on Web in Front. You can read it for yourself here, if you feel so inclined... It's actually more about the way people develop their relationships with pop songs. More musings about specific songs and bands will be forthcoming.

Oh, but Tullycraft did finally add their cover of "On Tape" to their Myspace page. Check it out here. Now if they would only plan a West Coast tour...

Both Tartans singles are officially for sale. Both are worth picking up due to the outstanding artwork, and the sound quality that can only be found when you listen to a song on vinyl. Order them here, and here please.

I should add, in the interest of full disclosure, that that is the last mention of how fantastic the Tartans are as a band around these parts. Through the course of booking so many shows for them (you know, cause they are so fantastic as a band) I've actually gotten to be pretty good friends with all of them. Therefore it seems kind of strange to go on about this amazing band that I'm hanging out with a lot. I think I was beginning to sound redundant at this point anyway. You can still count on me for updates though. Really, them and the entire YAY! roster are about 75 percent of what keeps me paying attention to new music, and somewhat relevant.

Though while I am on the subject of new music, I should note that you can STILL pick up a copy of the "Wild Eyes" 7" from Vivian Girls on Plays With Dolls Records. The easiest way to do so is via their Myspace page. The vinyl pressing of their debut full length were sold out before they even finished the tour that they were on at the time. It will be reissued by In the Red Records this fall. Have I mentioned how excited I get when it seems like a large percentage of the population is getting excited about a band that is so directly influenced by Black Tambourine?!? Well, I do.

AND last but not least, the reason for the majority of my lack of attention to blogging lately: We are finally starting a regular dance night!!!

Our very own indiepop and norther soul dance night called Hungry Beat! to be more specific. It will take place on the last Saturday of every month at Pehrspace starting on September 27. The good people of Club Substance are involved. All of them have pretty much the best record collections I've seen in real life. And Yvonne Sone (yes she of Tartans fame) did a fabulous job of making our page look pretty so please go there right now and make us your new friends! We're just slightly giddy about this...

Alright, that's all I have. Bye for now!