Monday, February 18, 2008

The Minutes That Escaped Me, the Guilty Minutes Hate Me...

Remember last week, when I had seen the error of my lazy ways and was all set to change them? Well, um about that...

I got home last night with the best intentions, stay in, write concert calendar, go to sleep by one A.M. at the very latest. However sometimes your best intentions fail you, and a 9 P.M. viewing of Sixteen Candles demands your full undivided attention, and then you wake up sometime around two A.M. wondering, "Where did it all go wrong?"

So in order to compromise, here are your options for tonight with the promise of a full run down of the rest of the weeks shows tomorrow so you at least have the option to plan ahead. For those of you that are into that sort of thing.

By the way, did anyone make it to any good shows over the weekend? I hate to say it, but my weekend was delightfully low key aside from St. Vincent at the Echoplex which was amazing. Did I miss anything that I will be kicking myself over when I read about them in your comments? Please share...

Here are your options for tonight MONDAY 2/18:

Dave Newton Showcase w/ The Henry Clay People, The Happy Hollows, Death To Anders, and Kissing Tigers at The Echo

Robert Francis at The Silver Lake Lounge

KCRW presents: Rickie Lee Jones at The Echoplex

Casket Salesmen, Auditory Aphasia, Mongoloid, Mythmaker, and The Feelings Mutual at The Troubadour

Indie 103.1 Presents Check One... Two... The Flying Tourbillion Orchestra, Dengue Fever, and Colorforms at The Viper Room

Bust Magazine Presents: The Pity Party, Film School, Ladies & Gents, and What Made Milwaukee Famous at Spaceland

Ah the age old battle over how to split your time between the Echo and Spaceland for the free Monday night residencies, and the increasingly great line-ups that come with each. I think I'll wander over to the Echo tonight myself. You've got the Henry Clay People who are on the third night of their residency at this point, and whose show last week was apparently so good I rightfully shouldn't be able to show my face at this one because I missed it without much of a valid excuse. You've also got Death to Anders who rock about as much live as their new album Fictitious Business rocks your ipod, that is to say A LOT. Kissing Tigers who I've not yet seen, but adore their recordings to pieces, and The Happy Hollows who I liked a lot when I saw them two years ago.

The night is also being referred to as the Dave Newton showcase as he produced records for all of the bands in question. So in honor of that, posted below is a video of Dave Newton covering his former band The Mighty Lemon Drops with his all too short lived band The C86 All Stars at Spaceland in 2006. You really should have known that I would never pass up a perfect opportunity to reference anything having to do with the history of indiepop...


Mouse said...


With all due respect.

Say Anything >>> The Breakfast Club >>>>>>>>> Sixteen Candles

squaregirls said...

I maintain that I arrived home, was broken hearted to see that had just missed Say Anything, but was pleased to have Sixteen Candles as a consolation prize. But I could be imagining things, I so often am.