Sunday, February 24, 2008

See Her Runing Around She's The Girl About Town That You (Probably Haven't) Heard Of 2/25-3/2

Alright, finally got myself together enough to publish this show rundown on Monday. Now maybe next week I'll be organized/ambitious enough to put this thing together, and publish it on Monday morning, maybe even before 9 AM! I'll try not to get ahead of myself though. Looking at all of the show options this week it seems entirely possible that I will be at one every night. So the chances that I will be able to think by next Monday let alone type could be a bit iffy. Thankfully, aside from a small family gathering last night, my weekend was relatively quiet. Therefore I am slightly more well-rested than usual. Maybe my chances aren't so iffy after all...

Did everyone else have a good weekend? Restful, action packed, or anything else in between? Let us know...

~sqg marion

Here's what is coming up this week:

MONDAY 2/25:

Dorian Wood, Killsonic, Liz Pappademas, Chris TT, Frank Turner at Bordello

Maryandi, The Shys, Big Bang, February Fifths, and Nicholas Alexander & The Matadors
at The Silverlake Lounge

Bust Magazine presents: The Pity Party, Meho Plaza, and The Rolling Blackouts at Spaceland

Rickie Lee Jones at The Echoplex

The Henry Clay People, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Rademacher, and Army Navy at The Echo

I really cannot stress enough the fact that you should see The Henry Clay People live every chance that you get. They've assembled a pretty solid line up of rock bands to join them for the last night of their residency at the Echo too.


Branden Mayer and The Hidden Powers, Heartstrings Symphony, Denver Smith, and The Meemies at The Silverlake Lounge

The Helio Sequence, and The Builders & the Butchers at Spaceland

I See Hawks in LA, Mike Stinson, and Psychedelic Cowboys at The Echo

Blow Up Blow, The Pity Party, and The Softlightes at The Prospector (Long Beach)

Jay Farrar (Son Volt), and Anders Parker at The Troubadour

Hmmm, I'm not sure what show I would go to if I were going to a show on this night, though I definitely see some intriguing options. I just don't know enough about any of the bands playing to offer recommendations or even educated guesses. Can anyone offer any advice on this one? Also, just for the record, I'll have a quick DJ set at Lost Souls Cafe alongside (hopefully) Squaregirl Kristen, DJ Duane, and the SUPREMELY talented DJ couple Mel and Jano who were nice enough to invite us to be a part of the evening.


Flashing Red Lights, Francisco The Man, The Weather Underground, and Ladies and Gents at Silverlake Lounge

Club NME w/ Bedtime for Toys, and IO Echo at Spaceland

British Sea Power, Colour Music, and Castledoor at The Echo

Stellastarr*, and The Oohlas at The Troubadour

I've heard good things about The Weather Underground from a couple of reliable sources. It might be worth your time to go check them out before they hit the road for Noisepop, and South by Southwest.


Tulsa, What Made Milwaukee Famous, This Will Destroy You, and Signal Hill at The Silverlake Lounge

British Sea Power, Colour Music, and White Denim at Spaceland

Hell Ya! w/ Mezzanine Owls, The Mae Shi, Frankel, and Eagle & Talon at The Echo

Tilly & The Wall, Capgun Coup, and Buddy at The Glass House

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, The French Semester, and Marvelous Toy at The Prospector (Long Beach)

Taken By Trees at The Roxy

I've been meaning to see Mezzanine Owls again since they impressed me so much when I saw them open for The Lilys at Spaceland back in December, I've been meaning to see The Mae Shi again sice they impressed me so much when I saw them open for the The Mountain Goats in New York in 2005. The release party for the former's new 7' on JAX Art Records seems like a perfect opportunity to do both.

FRIDAY 2/29:

What Made Milwaukee Famous at El Cid

MSTRKRFT, Z-Trip, LA Riots, and DJ Diabetic at The Henry Fonda Theater

Bad Religion at The House Of Blues/Anaheim

Spindrift, Spirit Army, Moonrats, and Restaurant at Spaceland

Tilly & The Wall, Capgun Coup, and Buddy at The Echo

Cat Power at The Wiltern

Blitzen Trapper, Grand Archives, and Fleet Foxes at The Troubadour

The show at the Troubadour might come across as a kind of recent Sup Pop signing showcase, or a promising Northwest bands showcase. Either way I've been looking forward to this one for awhile. I haven't yet heard the full length from Grand Archives, but I love the songs that I was able to hear from their EP last year. Also the fact that it is the project of Matt Brooke formerly of one of my favorite (and all too often overlooked) bands Carissa's Wierd, and the slightly more well received (and also pretty great) Band of Horses makes me very excited by the prospect of how it will all translate live. I've seen Blitzen Trapper live, and I can say that they are quite good. I don't know a whole like about Fleet Foxes, but a good number of Seattle music fans seem to love them. Seattle music fans are generally a very trustworthy bunch.


Love Grenades, Von Iva, and The Library at El Cid

Bad Religion at The House Of Blues/Anaheim

I Make This Sound, Bedroom Walls, and Seasons at Mr. T's Bowl

Imaad Wasif, Grimble Grumble, and Timonium at Pehrspace

Holy Fuck, A Place to Bury Strangers, and In Waves at Spaceland

The Raveonettes, and Be Your Own PET at The Glass House (Pomona)

I've tried to see A Place to Bury Strangers recently, and failed. Same thing with Holy Fuck. Needless to say I am very very excited about this show. I don't know anything about In Waves, but I really like what I've heard on their Myspace page. I think I'll be at Spaceland early on Friday. Who's coming with me?

SUNDAY 3/02:

MSTRKRFT, Z-Trip at El Rey Theatre

The Magnetic Fields, and The Interstellar Radio Company at The Henry Fonda Theater

Bad Religion at The House Of Blues/Anaheim

400 Blows, The Blood Arm, Run Run Run, Oliver Future, and The Vacation at Spaceland (13 Year Anniversary)

Part Time Punks w/ Spectrum, Midnight Movies, and Grimble Grumble at The Echo

If I am still able to stand and walk on Sunday I will most certainly be walking over to the Echo. I still haven't gotten as involved with the music of Spacemen 3 and everything that followed as I should (and plan to,) Spectrum probably being the one that I've spent the least amount of time with. However I have seen the live show, and it's drifty (real word?) and interesting, and I want to experience it again now that my musical tastes have started to expand in that direction a little bit more. I'd say it's worth experiencing regardless of how your tastes skew. The fact that they are joined by Midnight Movies who I haven't seen a full set from since their line up change, but still adore to no end offers even more incentive. With even more incentive offered by opener Grimble Grumble who are reportedly a bit on the awe inspring side as well. Just try to forget about that whole needing a certain amount of sleep thing, and you'll be fine...

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