Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Top of Our Charts...

If you've heard or felt the faint echoes of rejoicing in the air as you wandered Echo Park today it's likely because the self titled digital EP from your favorite local band's favorite local band Mezanine Owls is officially out there bounding through the internets, and awaiting your purchase so that it can come crashing down around your ears. This is just one of quite a few places where you can do exactly that. You can find your full list of retail options here.

For those of you that prefer tangible releases to accompany your mp3s, the label behind this blessed event JAXART is selling a limited edition 7' of the song "Snowglobe" b/w "Temporary Health." There are only 500 of these in existence, each one is hand numbered, and each one comes with a card that allows you to download the EP in it's entirety for free! You can order one through the JAXART website, but I maintain that the best way to purchase one is by showing up to the release party on Thursday night at the Echo, letting yourself be wowed by the individual sounds of each act on the bill, then picking up a copy as you head home with your head spinning from an almost too impressive night of local music.

MP3 Mezzanine Owls "Snowglobe"

~sqg marion

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