Friday, February 29, 2008

Here Comes The Sound, Turning Everything Around

This is becoming an all too familiar situation. Returning home from the Echo from a perfectly wonderful rock show, and attempting to write things about it in my half energized half asleep state all the while knowing that I have to wake up for work in three hours.

Mezzanine Owls did an excellent job (as always) of proving my theory that if you are going to write and perform anthemic songs, it is best to wrap them in a wall of distortion. It just makes the whole thing so much more compelling, and more than one of their songs left me wishing that I could figure out some way in which to actually live in them.

The Mae Shi's closing set ensured that most in attendance would leave the show with some residual energy. They do a smart, spazzy sort of hardcore cleverly updated to include electronic elements. I am in no position to write about this sort of thing in depth because it's not a genre that I am all too familiar with. I can say that the way they do it is highly effective. They spent a decent amount of time in the audience, and the kids up front were really into it. I get the sense that every time they play a show the kids up front are really into it. I always forget how much I enjoy seeing those kids at shows since I see them so rarely these days. There was a costume change involved for the band about half way through the set. I'm sad to say that in my sort of sick, and very tired state I completely didn't see this happen. I just looked up at one point, and all of a sudden every one of them was wearing a shirt that said "I'm glad you're alive." Indeed the whole set had a celebratory feel to it. Most particularly on this song:

Of course given all of my residual energy from the show, and my severe need of a nap so that I can properly open a restaurant in a few hours. I needed to find something to watch/ listen to that could help me wind down a bit. I opted for this:

Admit it, you've got a giant grin on your face now, don't you?

Have a lovely weekend!

~sqg marion

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