Friday, February 8, 2008

It Was the Record That You Needed to Complete your Pop Collection...

Slumberland Records has announced the first two singles that will be released as part of it's Searching For the Now series! You might remember that I've been looking forward to the start of this series for quite some time now. So finding that email waiting for me the other day was too exciting for words. I should have written something about it sooner, but things have gotten slightly busy lining up future squaregirls nights, plus that whole real job thing...

With that said, I'll keep this post brief. Here is an excerpt from the email I received from Slumberland:

The first two singles in our Searching For The Now series are finally almost here.

Volume One has songs from The Company (featuring Roy Moller and Stevie Jackson) and The Hermit Crabs.
Volume Two features Bye! (Archie from Velocity Girl and friends) and The Happy Couple.

Both singles are on color vinyl and come in full color jackets. They're out February 18th, but you can pre-order until then and get the pair for $7.00, postage-paid in the US."

Seems like an unbelievable deal to me. And I have to say, I'm freaking out just a little over the idea of finally having a tangible recorded object from Bye!. I've been wearing those myspace tracks out for the past 4 or 5 months since the endlessly cool, and always in the know Imaginary Liz alerted me to the existence of the project.

Information about ordering the singles can be found here.

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