Friday, February 29, 2008

I’m Never Gonna Know You Now, But I'm Gonna Love You Anyhow

Where were you when you found out Elliott Smith was dead? This seems to be a question nearly all my friends can answer without hesitation, like where they were during the chase of the white Bronco through Los Angeles or on 11 September. (I was in class during my first year of art school, when all of a sudden everyone started receiving texts from friends alerting us to his death.) I bring this up today because I have found out that plans to clean up the iconic wall Smith stood before for the cover of his album “Figure 8” have finally been implemented. For readers of LAist, you may remember this post from nearly six months ago, wondering why, of all the walls in Los Angeles, this one had to be the target of some particularly unappealing tagging. It’s disheartening to see the wall wiped clean of all the layers of earnest messages from fans, but unfortunately necessary. Hopefully this will last a little longer.

~sqg eliza

As It Was:

As It Is Now:


squaregirls said...

i actually do remember the first time i heard about e.s.' death. i was at work in a room full of cubicles at tcs, amongst other lovers of his music. i was so excited to see him perform at All Tomorrow's Parties 2003. instead i saw lou barlow perform with the minders and others in tribute. it was heartbreaking :(

Drink up baby, look at the stars...

Anonymous said...

i was asleep on my couch at 9am when i received a call from my girlfriend telling me the news. i then called my best friend/songwriting partner. after that i put on his self-titled album for a good portion of the day.

-N D2A