Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is That Rock and Roll You're Tasting?

I'm finally getting around to converting some of my vinyl to mp3s. If you are wondering whether or not to invest in the technology it is exactly as awesome as everyone claims that it is, and exactly as time consuming as you have to sit in front of the turntable and press a button every time a new track begins. Still, being able to carry those songs with you now wherever you go is priceless. I find this especially true since I seem to do my best listening while I'm out walking around.

The even better part of this process is that it forces me to sit down, and listen intently to records that I have so far not spent nearly enough time with. The best example so far being the self tilted debut (and final) album from The Royal We. Where I had previously used this record only to rock the completely addictive single "All the Rage" at past Squaregirls nights, I'm now convinced that it was one of the most overlooked records of last year. Opener, "Back and Forth Forever" is really the only song that breaks from the formula of short catchy glam rock songs that one can dance to. With it's simple sounds of plucked strings, the sweet sounds of a continuous tambourine, gentle humming in the background, and puppy love lyrics it's somehow not at all out of step with what comes next, it's actually the perfect thing to ease you into the dizzying (in the best possible way,) pace of every song that follows which will likely have you dancing around your bedroom, living room, or whatever. "All the Rage," still increases my heart rate just by listening to it the way so few songs ever manage to, it's virtually impossible to not sing along with the ba-ba-bas on the song that follows it, "That Aint My Sweet Love," and so on and so forth until you reach the album's conclusion which is a cover of Chris Issac's "Wicked Game." That should completely solidify your love for this band if it's not already completely solidified at this point, and it really should be. The only thing I can't quite figure out is why more people (myself included) didn't pick up on the endless amount of fun contained on this album when it was released at the end of last year. Oh well, I'm certainly not going to complain about that right now. I will instead be thrilled over the fact that I now know that I have one more entire album of dance floor ready anthems at my disposal, and I will now return to the converting process to see what other treasures are buried in my record collection! Oh, and you can buy The Royal We here.

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