Thursday, January 3, 2008

Listening Too Long To One Song: Talulah Gosh "Talulah Gosh"

So around this time every year, my pal Eric J. Lawrence over at KCRW takes a look back at the best releases of the year that just ended, and the best releases 20 years prior. As 1987 was a pretty good year for indiepop releases (Sarah Records released it's first single that year for example) I thought it would be fun (because I'm just that nerdy) to search for at least one set of (four) songs that whether or not they actually make it on the air would in theory offer a decent look at the year in indiepop. Which led me to Talulah Gosh. Though they began releasing singles in 1986, and disbanded in 1988, 1987 did see Talulah Gosh go through a significant line-up change (founding member and vocalist Elizabeth Price left the band, and was replaced with Eithne Farry,) and it did see them release what is likely their most successful single, also titled "Talulah Gosh." The band apparently took it's name from an interview with Clare Grogan of Altered Images who when asked what she would do after the band responded with something to the effect of becoming an actress and calling herself Tallulah Gosh. Though she already was an actress, and continues to act using the name Clare Grogan or CP Grogan. Therefore the name Talulah Gosh (especially with one less "l") became fair game for a pop band from Oxford. The song itself may or may not be addressing this back story, opening with the line, "Everyday she wakes up, her life will be a movie," and the chorus starting with, "Talulah Gosh was a film star a day." Who knows really? The lyrics are smart and enjoyable either way. And the music, mmm, the music. Guitars, tambourines, and harmonies galore. Not to mention the fact that it starts off with a measured, dreamy pace then builds up to an (almost) frenzy during the chorus. Remember when you would spin around as a little kid until you got so dizzy you had to collapse onto the nearest available flat surface? This song is pretty much the aural equivalent to that in the best possible way. Check out the video for "Talulah Gosh," posted below, and starting this Monday at midnight (or does that make it Tuesday?) you really should tune into KCRW to hear Eric J. Lawrence's take on some of the best songs of 1987 (part one of two.) The guy not only knows more about music than anyone I know, but has pretty excellent taste when it comes to picking favorites as well.

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erik hogstrom said...

I have always maintained that "Talulah Gosh" is among the catchiest songs ever written. I will be walking around and it just pops into my head out of the blue. And I never complain.