Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dancing on the Ceiling, Dancing on the Floor

Hello all, and Happy New Year!

I can't quite express how exciting it was for me to open my email this morning, and find this exceedingly awesome flyer waiting for me. Our square design team (and coolest couple ever candidates) Kristen and Chris seriously out did themselves with this one. So I certainly hope you will all be able to join us a week from today for drinks, killer bands, and maybe even a surprise or two...

By the way, did anyone else make it out (or attempt to make it out) to the Echo on New Years Eve? It was crowded to a level that I've never seen at even the most sold out of shows there. We had to spend most of the evening outside just so that we could breathe/not get elbowed in the face repeatedly! Oh well, at least I got to hear the last three songs from the Blood Arm, and Eddie Argos (from Art Brut) played 1990s during his DJ set. And the music outside was consistently good, and the place eventually cleared out enough for us to go inside and dance to some seriously enjoyable soul until the lights came up. So it actually turned out to be a great night over all, I guess I just always underestimate what a BIG DEAL it is for people to go out on NEW YEAR'S EVE! And now I'm kind of in the mood to give that 1990s record another listen.

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