Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet the Tartans!

A recent visit to Rock Insider where Jax was wondering why more L.A. music blogs weren't talking about No Age got me to wondering why more L.A. music blogs aren't talking about The Tartans. Granted they haven't yet released so much as a single (their first is set for sometime this year on the ultra fab YAY! label,) and their live shows are kind of sporadic. However, anyone who has seen them play live will surely attest to the fact that they are a band that deserves some serious attention. They use their nifty array of instruments (12 and 6 string guitars, rickenbacker bass, drums, keys, glockenspiel!, melodica!) to create charming, catchy, and perfectly classic sounding indiepop songs (I love accidental alliteration!) I can't imagine walking away from one of their shows feeling anything less than thrilled over the fact that there is a pop band this GOOD right in our own back yard so to speak. Do make your way over to their Myspace page as soon as you possibly can to have a taste of their seriously addictive songs.

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