Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ready, Steady, Go!

Alright so I guess I'm officially the last L.A. blog to write a post that implies that I'm currently freaking out about The Monolators . But all I can think about this morning is how much I'm currently freaking out about the Monolators. I'd seen them twice before and liked them, but the full effect of how great they are didn't quite sink in until I saw them play at Boardner's last night as part of the always fantastic Radio Free Silver Lake presented Let's Independent. They have a nice proportion of punk rock energy to pop sensibility which not many bands pull off quite as well as they do. And the fact that they were playing to a packed house last night only seemed to make it stronger. They were the first band I've ever seen to be told that they were too loud, and would have to tone it down a bit. They had fun with this too, at one point when the audience was clapping along we were asked to, "Turn down the hand claps." The Monolators have two interesting upcoming shows. January 24 with Rademacher at the Prospector in Long Beach. Then Monday January 28 at Spaceland with the Parson Red Heads, who I (shamefully) still haven't seen. That's one that is most certainly not to be missed!

Of course the show last night was a release party for Death to Anders who also put on a fantastic show. And I'm now more excited than ever to spend some serious time with their new record. It looks like Death to Anders are heading out for a bit of a California tour so if you happen to be reading this in Fresno, Modesto, Sacremento, San Francisco, or Long Beach, you're in luck. Most dates are with Rademacher so you are actually doubly in luck.

And a huge thanks is due, once again, to Radio Free Silver Lake Joe for consistently providing the best monthly band showcase/party in L.A.

Below are a few videos for you to enjoy. One of The Monolators live (of my personal favorite, "You Look Good on the Train,") and one of The Monolators with choreography. There is also a video of Death to Anders performing an unknown song from the show last night. Anyone who can tell me what the song is gets a hug.

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