Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Longing for Fresh Surroundings

It always starts this way, me traveling through the internet in search of some new band with one single to their name (or one EP, or an EP that you can only download on Myspace, etc.) so I can jump up and down over the fact that the future of music is BRIGHT after all, blah blah blah... But I inevitably think about some old song that I haven't thought about in awhile, or a recently discovered old song, and I end up just writing about that.

Well today is no different. As part of my quest for the new and exciting I made my way over to Skatterbrain!, and found that he'd posted the songs from the only Field Mice Peel Session(in 1990.) This ensured that my hunt for new bands is complete for the day, and that I will only be listening to the same four Field Mice songs until some time tomorrow. I strongly recommend that you head over there and pick them up for yourself, if you don't already have them that is. If you do already have them, then I strongly recommend that you go listen to them.

Although, I will say that for the new stuff you've been anxiously awaiting you should really head over to The Catbirdseat. He's got a whole slew of mp3s up from the likes of Kelley Stoltz and Destroyer (swoon,) as well as the first mp3 offering from the new Mountain Goats LP which I need to listen to many more times to form an opinion of.

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