Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Coastal Road at Night...

Sorry for the seriously infrequent posting this week. I could blame it on the holiday, the rain, and a myriad of other things, but that would be just plain sad. Truth be told this week has proven to be insanely busy/ tiring, next week promises to be more of the same, and I've become simply lazy when it comes to writing things about bands.

However, I will offer my attempt for all of us to end our week(s) on a lovely note. It has recently come to my attention that Robert (Bobby) Wratten of Trembling Blue Stars, as well as Northern Picture Library, and the Field Mice (!) stopped by the incomparable Dublab when he was visiting our fair city last year to record an acoustic set. The results are stunning. I could try to explain exactly why they are so stunning, but I could never do this performance justice regardless of how many descriptive words I use. Just listen here, and discover what I'm talking about for yourself. I hope this helps to give your weekend a fantastic start!

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