Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby, I Don't Care

More shameless promotion, yes. However, this time it is not for me personally, so somehow I get to feel more o.k. about it? Actually, I don't really care. Kristen did such a fantastic job with her Web In Front Podcast that I have to do everything in my power to make sure that all of you are aware of this fact. She made very smart song choices from each of the bands that have played one of our showcases in the past, and even smarter choices about the way she arranged the songs on her comp. She also included songs from all of the bands that are playing a couple of future showcases that we have in the works, and the write up that she did about what it's like to go to any given local show these days sums up that experience kind of perfectly. Kindly make your way over here and check it out for yourself.

Not much else has had a chance to make it's way to my eardrums between that podcast, and the brilliant new Summer Cats single "Lonely Planet" which may very well be the feel good hit of the, um, summer. That is if we lived in a society that championed sweet indiepop singles with the kind of seemingly effortless guitars that's a little bit straight out of the 60's mod/a little bit Go Betweens-eque, and hand claps that take the song to the maximum level of enjoyment, as handclaps almost always tend to do. And the lyrics do a nice job to offer a hint of love lorn frustration before settling into an "Eh, fuck it all," sensibility which (incidentally) might just be the way all indiepop lyrics would be if we were in that perfect world. Oh, and did I mention the boy/girl vocal trade off? And the handclaps?!? Sigh, sigh, sigh. You can (and should,) however make it your personal feel good hit of the summer by going here and ordering your very own copy of the "Lonely Planet" 7". I really can't forsee either of these things giving up their respective holds on my listening space anytime soon. These are good problems though, and I don't tend to question these situations when they occur. I just smile and enjoy the fact that there really is so much good new music to take in.

~squaregirl marion

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