Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Flowers Are in the Sky for You

I'm about a month behind in alerting you to the fact that the new Languis album Fractured is available for you to purchase now from Plug Research, you can do that here.

It's one of the more compelling albums that I've listened to from start to finish this year. On Fractured the fluidity with which the band combines the primary influences of psych and dance pop becomes a bit more clear, and a bit more remarkable with each listen. I believe it mostly lies in the attention to detail. Having built a solid base around these particular sounds allows other sounds to infiltrate the songs. From the gentle Calypso of "What Do I Do," to a short sweet instrumental entitled "Para Marta," that places a finger-picked acoustic guitar front and center, to songs like "Resurrection Road," and "Low Standard," that take on an almost conventional (for an album as far from conventional as this one) rock structure. In fact you can actually kind of hear a rhythmic similarity to the 12 bar blues guitar pattern on the latter two songs, at least that is, something akin to a Jesus & Mary Chain type interpretation of the pattern. All cleverly disguised under some serious studio effects of course. Also on the album are enough slow build ups to satisfying pay offs, enough captivating extended refrains, and enough tambourines and woodwind instruments to keep you replaying the album for weeks and weeks, if not months and months, or perhaps even years and years...

It's also very much to Languis' credit that they are not a band who keep making the same album over and over again, yet each of their releases are consistently good and interesting. Fractured is (to completely understate the situation) certainly no exception to this quite remarkable rule.

~squaregirl marion

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