Friday, June 13, 2008

I Don't Care, I Care, I Really Don't Care

Well, well, well. After a decent portion of my past week has been spent listening to a decent amount of Pavement, and obsessing over the hopefully arriving soon Re-issue/Expanded edition of Brighten the Corners just imagine how giddy I was to wake up this morning, and find that Web In Front's weekly podcast was this.

I never got to see Pavement live, and listening to this makes me all the more aware that I missed out on something pretty great. Awesomely deadpan, half-spoken delivery of the chorus of "Freebird" leading into "Unfair..." Wow. Of course, it's not *really* my fault that I missed out. The closest that I might have gotten to Pavement in 1994 (when the concert in question takes place) while growing up in an ultra-conservative suburb of Atlanta, Georgia would have been accidentally seeing the video for "Cut Your Hair," on MTV. You know, when I was absolutely forbidden to watch MTV.

Regardless of personal experience involving seeing, or missing a live Pavement show, this podcast should serve to bring up fond memories or bitter feelings of regret. Really though, it's just plain fun to listen to, and it's highly recommended that you visit the link posted above to download the concert. Now.

Oh, and just for fun:

Does anyone know if Malkmus is really alternating between sining "career," and "Korea," at the end of this song? And if the word "Korea," is actually in place, why?

Oh that Pavement humor...

~sqg marion

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