Thursday, June 26, 2008

Or Was it Just a Dream...

Hello! I'm sitting here listening away, trying to think of things to write for a "Best of 2008 so far..." that my dear friends over at Web In Front are putting together. It's not the easiest task for me as I prefer to spend the majority of my time obsessing over old pop songs. I feel drastically behind in the amount of new records that I've heard this year. however, I'd like to find intelligent things to say about the few that I have heard/liked.

So before I get completely caught up in that, I want to make sure that you all know about the show that we are presenting tomorrow:

We really think/hope that the four bands playing represent a nice, eclectic view of some of our favorite things going on in local music these days. Listen for yourself right here:

The Health Club


Hearts of Palm UK

Fol Chen

PLUS they all happen to put on fantastic live shows...

We'll also be ransacking our record collections to find the perfect songs to play for you before, in between, and after sets from the bands...

And, last but not least we're kind of giddy over the fact that we are presenting our first show at Pehrspace. Pehrspace is basically our favorite venue these days. Though you should be aware that it's BYOB so plan accordingly...

We'll see you tomorrow!

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