Thursday, May 29, 2008

(Almost) Totally Shameless Self Promotion

That is to say, it would be way more shameless if the event in question weren't for a good cause:

Yep, all five of those dollars that you spend to get into the Scene tonight will not only contribute to your personal enjoyment of some quite fun bands, it will also contribute to making sure kids get to go to college. A pretty amazing cause if you ask me, as all of the most recent reports I've seen on rising college tuition prices (even for non-private universities) are astounding!

And, as you might have guessed, the shameless self promotion part involves me hanging out at the venue and playing some records before, between, and after sets from all the bands. No squaregirl kristen for this show, I'm sad to say. I will do my best in spite of the sadness that comes with the lack of her awesome record collection, and even more awesome presence to make my contribution to the evening as enjoyable as possible. I've had a terribly fun morning sorting through records, and trying to figure out the best possible combinations of songs to play tonight. It seems very likely that it will involve Orange Juice, the Fire Engines, and probably more than a few Slumberland releases since those are the songs that are involving so much of my mental energy these days.

I really hope to see all of you tonight!

~sqg marion


The Hard to Get said...

Hey Marion. Thanks again. You were awesome tonight! I just gotta figure out what to do with all these pupusas...

Anonymous said...

another awesome set!!! digging your Web In Front postings, ladies! and double-thanks for spinning us!! kisses kisses!!!