Monday, June 23, 2008


I guess we are all supposed to know that if you have to be in Santa Monica (or anyplace that requires an hour drive) by 8 am the next day then it's probably not the best idea to stand around in front of the Echo plotting various jangle pop/metal side projects. Oops.

So for most of yesterday I was completely useless to write anything. No matter, Sunday night at the Echo was one of the best shows that I have been to so far this year. Maybe even the best. My favorite L.A. band The Tartans had the majority of the crowd dancing for the majority of their set. Kind of a small miracle when you think about typical Los Angeles rock show crowds. Their new songs kind of demand it though. They will also have two 7" singles available very soon so head over here right now, and on July 15 make your way here. OR you could just wait and pick up BOTH singles after the Tartans wow you with their jangly/soulful tunes on July 16 at their (ahem) Squaregirls presented show at Mr. T's Bowl...

Catwalk started things off on Sunday. Not only has their live performance become increasingly more impressive since I saw them for the first in November of last year, but they've been playing a new song called "Mia" recently that is such catchy guitar pop perfection it makes me wish that I could afford to start a label just so that there could be a recording of it in the world. Sigh. I suppose I will just have to desperately hope that it will be a part of their next single for the YAY! label. Until then, I will be gently lifting the needle on my turntable to play every song from their current YAY! single "Past Afar" over and over again. It's lovely, and you should strongly consider ordering it here, right now!

Um, this is probably also a good time to bring up the fact that I've recently written an article about the YAY! label for my new monthly column on Web In Front, Not Quite Punk. You can read that article right here, if you are so inclined...

And if you are looking for something fun to do tonight, might I please suggest this:

The Monolators are playing! Early! If it's been awhile since you've seen the Monolators (like it has for me,) or if you've somehow not yet seen the Monolators you should definitely be at Spaceland tonight by 9 PM!

They are opening for this London based band called Sunny Day Sets Fire. They put out an EP last year called Brainless that was a nice blend of lo-fi indie rock sounds, and lo-fi dance pop. The production on their new stuff sounds way glossier, but I bet they are still fun as hell to watch live.
Check this out for proof!

~sqg marion

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