Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Said Hey Kids (Hey Kids!) Tuesday 5/20

So I am working on a podcast for the super fantastic music news site Web In Front. Certainly this is an awesome project, and I am having an excellent time working on it. Unfortunately, this does involve me having to spend my entire day sitting on the floor converting vinyl to mp3 and cursing myself for not doing this to most of these records months ago. Of course the spending all day listening to records part isn't what makes my current situation unfortunate. The thing that makes my curent situation unfortunate is that I will still be hunched over my computer trying many different combinations within an hour of pop songs, until the perfect combination is achieved, while this is going on:

It's a bit difficult to read, but that is a flier for the latest installment of the always fab Radio Free Silver Lake presented Let's Independent night. You can actually read the details here. I've not heard any of the bands so I would have no idea what to expect from this sound wise. However I do know that Joe consistently puts on fantastic shows so whatever the sounds are, they are bound to be pleasing to your ears. Please go, and report back as to how it was if you are able!

~squaregirl marion

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