Monday, May 5, 2008

She Says It's Going to Rain, She Says She's Only Playing...

Hello, I hope that everyone had a fantasic weekend, and saw fantastic shows, and /or got plenty of rest. I came to the conclusion yesterday that it is very difficult to keep up a blog whose primary purpose it is to write things about rock shows attended when the writer of said blog attends so few rock shows. Oh well, shameless self-promotion it is then. It's actually more promotion for Mezanine Owls so I feel completely o.k. about it. In case you've not yet heard them, Mezzanine Owls are kind of stunningly beautiful and you should see them live on every occasion that you have to do so. The fact that they have a residency at Spaceland starting tonight makes all of us very lucky. We're actually double blessed (sorry, please remember that on the rare occasions when I do write the writing will tend to include Pastels' quotes) with long time Squaregirls' super crush Le Switch having their residency going on at the Echo this month as well. The line-ups for every night of each bands'respective shows appear to be pretty incredible (check the links to the Myspace pages for each band for all of the details.) So, um, here is where the shameless part comes in, we are DJ- ing for Mezzanine Owls at Spaceland TONIGHT, and for Le Switch next Monday which is May 12th. Natuarally we'd love to see you at both shows. It's also worth noting that Mezzanine Owls will be celebrating Cinco De Mayo with two dollar Tecate all night! If Mezzanine Owls dreamy, distorted, and epic in all the right ways pop songs aren't incentive enough for you to come out tonight surely the extraordinarilly well priced booze will provide that last little push that you need...

AND I did manage to attend a rock show at the Echo last night. Blood On The Wall were exactly what I hoped they would be. The pull out pretty much every great trick in the indie rock handbook (most readily apparent are the ones they learned from the Pixies) then they execute them with absolute fucking perfection. Seeing them live is highly recommended, as is their 2005 album Awesomer.

AND AND AND most importantly, Dublab kicked off a Proton Drive just this morning so please head over to the site, add Dublab's stream to your Itunes if you haven't already done so, listen to the fantastic DJ's, and donate from your heart so that they can keep all of that fantasticness (actual word?) going!

We hope to see you tonight, and please feel free to tell us about all of the awesome shows that you saw over the weekend or last week in the comments!

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