Thursday, May 29, 2008

And Every Conversation's STILL the Same...

It's almost as if I haven't stopped writing since this time yesterday, well, a brief interlude was taken to spend eight hours bringing people plates of food/making coffee beverages, but surely you know what I mean?

To pick up where I left off, there is exciting news on the Phil Wilson solo show front. For those of us that live in Southern California (or those of you that feel like taking a summer road trip) there is not only his appearance at the Echo on July 6 along with The Tyde, but there is also an appearance the day before at the Summershine Festival in Ventura. For this one he will be enlisting L.A. pop superheroes The Tartans to be his backing band for TWO songs.

And speaking of the Tartans, they are playing more shows in succession than they ever have before, and they have singles slated for release on two of the best indiepop labels in the country right now. YAY!, and Cloudberry for those of you keeping track at home.

However, as is often the case, the band in question explains the state of things far better than I ever could. This is from the Tartans' Myspace page:

"Hey friends,

We're finally gonna have some proper releases really soon. I know I mentioned a couple months back that we've got a single coming out on the esteemed Oxnard imprint, YAY!, which is available for pre-order through their website (yaylabel. com/shop) and will be on your turntables by early summer.

Not only that, there'll be another 7" out this summer on the great and prolific Florida label, Cloudberry. It'll feature "My Baby Doesn't Care For You" and "What About You". I believe it's off to the pressing plant this coming Tuesday.

In other news, check out our shows page, but unless you live in the greater LA area or Ventura County, you probably won't be catching us *too* soon. However, we could be tempted to push our way up the coast this summer, schedules and finances permitting.

There's gonna be an exciting festival in Ventura in early July called Summershine, where we'll have the pleasure and privilege of backing up Phil Wilson of the June Brides. He'll be coming to the states for some dates, and we're quite excited.

In other musical news that doesn't reek of self-promotion, there's been a lot of great new singles in the world, like Twig (on Cloudberry), the Vivian Girls and a new Cause Co-Motion single. Those are just a few of the things that have tickled my fancy lately, though as usual I've been tracking down old soul 45s (my favorite recent acquisition is Linda Griner's "Good-by Cruel Love", which is one of Motown's finest non-hits) and singing along to Felt. Also, most of the Tartans caught local heartthrob Jeremy Jay play a spectacular set a couple weeks back. He has a new LP out on K, which I've not yet heard but hope to acquire really soon.

Hopefully we'll see some of you this summer. And we'll come bearing badges with brand new designs!


This coupled with all of the Slumberland news that I posted yesterday promises that 2008 will be a very exciting year in our square little world.

Oh, and we're working on a few shows and projects that should hopefully have us back where we belong (or at least where we feel most comfortable,) spinning records once a month at a club near you! But more on that once it all comes together officially...

~squaregirl marion

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