Friday, December 14, 2007

You Have Nothing to Live Up to, You Have Nothing to Live Down

I know that I've mentioned at least once that it's my intention to post some sort of history/tribute to Sarah Records here. Especially with the 20th anniversary of their first release having just passed. While I'm nowhere near prepared for that, I came upon this clever little holiday story on the Sarah/Shinkansen home page. While none of the releases mentioned in the story are current, it is very well written, perfectly enjoyable, and season appropriate. Shinkansen, by the way, was the label that Matt Haynes and Clare Wadd started after the sad demise of Sarah Records. The reasoning for that demise is explained here.
You can hear a few songs from a few Sarah Bands here.

I hope this helps you to get into the holiday spirit, and maybe think about finally starting your Christmas shopping. Oh wait, that's me...

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