Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Lucky, Lucky Squaregirl am I...

I am writing this post as a person who is able to say, "I've seen Nick Lowe perform live." He played at Safari Sam's tonight. I sat watching completely in awe during his entire set. He is without question one of the best songwriters around, but watching him deliver these songs live was something else entirely. He made every note and chord seem effortless (and we all know it's far from effortless.) His stories were interesting, and funny. I kept thinking, "I can't believe I am actually getting to see this." Especially given that he played "Heart of the City" as the first song of his first encore.

Then on my way home I stopped by the album release show for one of my favorite local bands, Division Day. I got to hear the last few songs of their set, and they sounded great. I caught up with a few friends while the awesome DJ selections of Todd and Sylvia (both of the late Sea Level Records) filled the Echo. Division Day are heading out on tour soon. Go out and see them if you can.

I'm in love with Rock N' Roll, and even though I doubt that I'll ever be out all night... I just might be up all night writing about it.

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