Monday, October 8, 2007

I'll go out on my own, and I'll stand on my own, and I'll dance to the Smiths on my own...

It was Smiths Nite at Part Time Punks last night. The musical aspect was great. I walked in just as the Chapin Sisters took the stage. Their performance was unnervingly impressive. Soft Boiled Eggies were quite impressive as well. Both bands delivered beloved Smiths songs in their own way, and both bands sounded fantastic.

The night alternated between me catching up with friends that I only see at this particular night, and me standing on my own just listening. As nice as it is to catch up with friends, the standing on my own was just as enjoyable. In fact, after a busy week, the moments spent standing on my own in a loud club listening to good music were quite welcome. The majority of the songs were Smiths or Morrisey songs, and the rest either influenced Morrisey or were influenced by him, so everything was good. But the biggest highlight of my entire evening (yes the entire evening) was hearing the Sea Urchins' "Pristine Christine" single. Not only due to the fact that it is a perfect pop song, not only due to the fact that it is outright amazing to ever hear that song played in a club, but because it was played on vinyl. Um... I'll make no disguise of the fact that I am a huge nerd, and that record is SARAH 001! I'm sure there is a tribute post about Sarah Records in my future, as the 20th anniversary of that label is fast approaching. So I won't go into details now, but it is worth mentioning as getting to see the sleeve for that single in person was kind of amazing.

You can hear both "Pristine Christine" and the earlier (Kvatch issued) single "Cling Film" here:

Before I saw the Holy Grail of indiepop, I went to a show at Safari Sam's which served as a benefit for Izabel Vega. You can read more about the cause by visiting the links below:

I saw great sets from Evan Way (of the Parson Redheads), Aaron Kyle (of Le Switch), I Make This Sound, the Monolators, and the Hectors. During Aaron's set Joe Napolitano (also of Le Switch) joined him on the drum kit for the last few songs, the first of which he drummed using only his hands!

Yet another great night for going out and listening to live (and recorded) music. This squaregirl is exhausted, however, and will be taking the next week off from the live shows. At least that is the goal. Do continue to check the blog as, I am working on posting some videos of the previously mentioned Matinee Recordings anniversary show, and perhaps a record recommendation or two.

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