Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heavy Metal Heartbreak... Taking Over the World!

Whew! There are very few weekends that you can describe as honest to goodness Rock & Roll weekends, and my past weekend may very well not fit that description at all. To me though, it seemed as if all the makings might be there. I arrived in Seattle on Thursday afternoon where upon I went almost immediately to the Crocodile Cafe to have a brief chat with Math & Physics Club about the Northwest music scene, a new musical direction on their recently released ep, and how each band member equates with a member of the A-Team (look for the full interview to appear here soon.)

This was also the evening where I was able to see Tullycraft live for the first time. They weren't a band that I was afraid I would never see, but there was a very real chance that I would never see them unless I traveled. So I decided to travel. This proved to be completely worthwhile. Tullycraft delivered exactly what I was expecting which was a high energy show with great banter, and their very unique brand of reference heavy, giddiness inducing rock/pop songs. If you are not familiar with Tullycraft, their brand new album "Every Scene Needs a Center" (out today through Magic Marker Records!) is a fantastic place to start. I am very nearly certain that this will prove to be my favorite ablbum of the year. If not, it will certainly be in my top five. To give you an idea as to how much fun the entire ablbum is, posted below is the video for one of the songs. Three Imaginary Girls posted it on their site yesterday, and the video actually made me fall even more in love with the song. By the way, if you are not familiar with Three Imaginary Girls you really should be:


I spent the majority of the rest of my time in Seattle walking through varying degrees of rain, drinking coffee and/or beer, and hunting for vinyl. Which I guess is borderline Rock & Roll?

Got back into town just in time to drop my bags off at home, and dash across the street to the Echoplex for the Go! Team. Do see them live if you ever have a chance. They are quite fun, and more than one of their songs had me dancing in a way that a white girl wearing a dress from the 1950's should probably never ever dance. The evening ended (as Sunday evenings so often do for me) with much more self conscious dancing to Orange Juice at the Part Time Punks event upstairs at the Echo.

So alright, maybe it wasn't an honest to goodness Rock & Roll weekend. But I think it qualifies as a square Rock & Roll weekend, and that's good enough for me.


radha said...

I think the new Tullycraft will top my end of the year list as well. It has had me jumping for days!

Brian said...

Tullycraft really outdid themselves. What a fantastic album. I hope they can make it out east. Come listen to my interview of them on my podcast at http://regularguycolumn.com/blog/?p=189