Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Put On My Overcoat and Walked into Winter, My Teeth Chattered Rhythms

Mmmm. I love those days where listening to KEXP feels a bit like listening to my ipod during any particular time in my life. Hearing Wolf Parade and Band of Horses on the radio this morning transported me right back to March of 2006. I was doing alot of walking around New York, and alot of listening to Wolf Parade and Band of Horses. Funny that KEXP are currently broadcasting from New York, and I am gearing up for a trip to Seattle. The performance from Poison Control Center that followed my personal nostalgia set sounded like more fun than anything rightfully should be. That band has officially moved to the top of my list of bands that I need to see live. It's enough to almost make me regret missing CMJ. Sigh, is it possible to be in two places at once yet?

Well, until I figure out a way to break the space time continuum, I'm perfectly happy to only be in Seattle this weekend. I'm told it's in the 40s and rainy there right now. While I know those aren't real winter conditions, it's probably the closest that this L.A. squaregirl will come all year. I can't wait! Here are some things to explore as you wait for your weekend to approach:

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