Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sweetness, Sweetness I Was Only Joking...

I have a confession. The times I will admit I am wrong about something occur probably as often as someone names Judith Light as their number one celebrity crush*. But I have to say, everyone was right and I have been claiming ambivalence toward a band that I shouldn't have. Sunday I went to Spaceland for their 13th Anniversary extravaganza and was watching the "special guests" with my friend when the following conversation occurred:

"Who is this?"

"The Little Ones."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is."

"No, I've seen The Little Ones and they're not very good."

Well, as it turns out, I had not seen The Little Ones before. I recall the very first show I went to at Spaceland after moving to Los Angeles was a show with The Little Ones and some other bands whose names escape me. Somehow I ended up confusing The Little Ones with another band from that night that didn't really impress me and when people would ask me what I thought of TLO, I'd just shrug my shoulders and pull a face. Upon accepting that my gross misunderstanding has cost me more opportunities to see them live than I'd like to admit, I should have descended into a shame spiral.

But I didn't, you guys! I didn't because they were charming enough to render me incapable of being in a bad mood. These guys know how to write tight, super catchy songs, switch instruments during the set and are obviously having a fantastic time. What else can you ask for from a live show? You want the big huge guy that claims to hate everything (but goes to every show anyway) to dance? You got it. He's dancing and it's adorable. Just go see them. They are truly that entertaining. I have to get their record so I can spend every sunny day from here on out listening to it.

I bet they have the best slumber parties. They seem like the kind of guys who can have a slumber party and not get all defensive because that's not a very (traditionally) masculine thing to do. But whatever, that doesn't bother them because they're always in a good mood and always having fun.

I really, really want to go to one of these slumber parties.

*Besides you, Dad.

~sqg eliza

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