Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby, take off your beret (Everyone's a Critic, and Most People Are DJs) Squaregirls Next Show w/ Rock Music and Tacos Tonight at the Scene!

Hello, hello I feel like things are very slowly returning to normal post SXSW in the square part of my world. Due to a busier than normal work schedule, and the fact that our next official Squaregirls show is tonight, (!) I've decided to forgo the concert calendar this week. Instead I'd like to focus all of my energy on telling you exactly how amazing, and fun our show tonight is going to be!

Actually, I can't tell you exactly how fun the show is going to be because with the bands we have lined up anything can happen, and the fun has the potential to reach into uncharted territories. Speaking of uncharted territories, there may also be a post Easter surprise awaiting you at the Scene so bring your sense of adventure...

The show it's self is the biggest CD/EP/7' release show that we've ever thrown. O.K. so it's actually the first release show that we've ever thrown, but the fact that we have three different bands each releasing one of those things I think makes it a pretty big deal. Only one band on the bill tonight is not celebrating the release of any sort of recorded music. Below you will find a bit of information of all of the bands, and their individual releases, and/or ability to rock:

The Henry Clay People will be releasing their new 7inch – Working Part Time, being put out on JAXart, which contains two rocking songs, ‘Working Part Time' and 'Echolocation’ and features artwork by the all around awesome artist (and super rad flyer designer) Michael C. Hsiung. And when you purchase the 7’, you will get a download card to get the 2 songs online, PLUS HCP’s 5 song 'Working Part Time' EP for FREE. We can’t think of a better deal!

The Natural Disasters are releasing a full length CD, 21 songs long called Last Night in LA featuring original artwork by dE Gibson, “who, if you don't know, is, like, a super-famous artist” - that was a direct quote. As is this in reaction to the new ND masterpiece "Hey-- ever heard of the Beatles? Yeah, me neither. After I heard the new Natural Disasters record, I just sort of forgot about everything else. Or, rather, it's not that I forgot -- which would imply, like, you know, a LOSS -- I just... I don't know, are there other rock'n'roll records out there?" So’s going to be good. Dig it!

Downtown/Union will be releasing their debut EP "Six Song Super Set" a collection of 6 songs (duh!) chosen from various recordings over the last year. D/U chose 6 songs that would flow together to tell a story and help capture the essence of their sound. Which rocks.

Aushua although not technically releasing an EP/LP or CD at this show, will be releasing their rockness all over the Scene and well, all over you!

I've mentioned here once or twice that the Henry Clay People are becoming one of my favorite bands to see live, over and over again. I can't wait to see what all of the other bands bring to the table as well.

Not only will Squaregirl Kristen and I be spinning some of our favorite ROCK super hits, we'll be joined by supercool guest DJ Jax of Rock Insider, and JAXART Records herself.

Oh, and did I mention there will be tacos?

Surely this is an evening not to be missed! We'll see you in a few hours...

~Sqg Marion

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