Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just don't let the music stop…

After missing the Pipettes three times at SXSW ’06, I finally caught them last Thursday night at the Echoplex. These three lovely ladies and the fine lads of their backup band The Cassettes had to postpone their tour due to visa issues, which moved their venue from Avalon to the Echoplex. Unfortunate for them, but great for their fans, who didn’t have to pay $15 for parking and another $20 in fees to Ticketbastard.
With their adorable 60’s-esque pop, exuberant synchronized choreography and clever stage banter, the girls were well worth the wait. In matching polka dotted outfits, the Pipettes are cute enough to make any boy want to be their boyfriend and cool enough to make any girl want to be their best friend.
Although some of their songs might start to sound similar, the girls expertly reignited the night at key moments with some of their bigger toe tapping hits such as “It Hurts To See You Dance So Well”, “Dirty Mind" and my personal favorite “Pull Shapes."
For a Thursday night, it was a groovin’ good time. And as they say (sing) themselves…
We are the Pipettes
And we've got no regrets
If you haven't noticed yet
We're the prettiest girls you've ever met
We haven't finished with you yet

And they so haven't.

Pull Shapes - the Pipettes

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