Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Never Got My Ears Pierced and Look How I Turned Out

Los Campesinos! were so much fun at the Echo last night. I had high expectations going into this one as all of their songs are insanely catchy, and they produced what is so far my favorite single of the year, "The International Tweexcore Underground." They did not dissapoint. The only minor complaint that anyone in my group had was that Aleksandra Campesions!' mic wasn't quite loud enough. Though what we could hear of her vocals sounded great. Of course the live full energy blast of the aforementioned single made my week, but the same level of energy was present in every song. The breakout hit, "You! Me! Dancing!" worked particularly well in a live setting, as did closer "Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks." That one ended with choreography! Also worth making note of was Gareth Campesinos!' charming stage banter. Self depricating comments, genuine exitement over the fact that they were staying in Hollywood, sincere appreciation for the crowd, and intros like this one, "This is a cover of a song by a band called Pavement..."

It broke my heart just a little that they didn't have vinyl copies of the "Inernational Tweexcore Underground" single along with them. The b-side contains covers of BOTH Heavenly's "C is the Heavenly Option, and"Black Flag's "Police Story," in order to appease the two characters in the song who are engaged in a pretty heavy twee v. hardcore argument. I was anxious obtain a copy so that I could finally hear what they had done with both songs. Fortunately I discovered that they are now posted on their Myspace page. Shockingly enough I'm slightly partial to "C is the Heavenly Option," but the Black Flag cover is pretty damn cool as well. Anyone else have any thoughts on the covers, and/or the live show? I'd love to know!

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