Monday, April 14, 2008

Sleeps on Water, Walks on Ice

Good morning. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Most of mine was spent working, and trying to catch up with a few records that I hadn't yet been able to spend enough time with. I was able to make it out to Part Time Punks for the first time in several month last night; therefore rendering me exhausted enough to almost mispell the word Spoon on Morning Becomes Eclectic's playlist... in two different ways! A little exhaustion is completely worth having a new local band to adore. WEAVE! fell onto my radar on Saturday night when I saw a Part Time Punks bulliten that described them in this way, "Female group chants backed by minimal tribal post-punk thump. Brings to mind Y Pants & The Raincoats . . . which is very, very good." Yes, it is very very good, and very, very accurate. Another friend brought up the fact that they reminded him of early B-52s which didn't come across to me last night, but kind of makes sense now that I think about it. They are also a bit similar in nature to my South by Southwest 2008 highlight Finally Punk except from what I saw none of the vocalists in WEAVE! played an insrument, and no one in the band played a saxophone.

You could see them this Saturday at the Tiny Creatures Gallery, and if it were any other day I would whole heartedly advocate that you do just that. HOWEVER, A Sunny Day in Glasgow are playing at Pehrspace this Saturday, and I have to advocate much more strongly that you go to this show. If for nothing else than the fact that you have another chance to see WEAVE! a few weeks later (on May 13 to be specific) at the Smell. We have no idea when A Sunny Day in Glasgow will be able to grace us with their presecnce again, but it will likely not be anytime to soon. You might also remember that A Sunny Day in Glasgow's first full length Scribble Mural Comic Journal was my favorite record of 2007. This will be my second time seeing their live show, and based on what I saw from them last time, the sound translates beautifully from record to stage, every intricate layer and distorted effect that interweave to fill every square inch of the songs that they inhabit sounds just as impressive in a live context. In fact, live, the intricacies are able to spill out and fill every square inch of the ROOM that they inhabit. Oh, and we will be spining some records in between sets from the bands who also include State Bird, and No Little Kindness who both promise to be fantasic. We'll also be joined by the staggeringly great DJ Ale (Dublab, Languis.) His sets will likely be good enough to make us question our life choices. So come out and play with us; dance, drink (if you forget to bring your beverage of choice we might even be persuaded to give you a free beer while supplies last,) and well, be merry. We'll see you on Saturday!

~sqg marion


JAX said...

totally agree with you about weave! they rock. State Bird are also completely Stellar. It should be a fun weekend in Echo Park. Im going to try and go by both shows.

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