Wednesday, April 16, 2008

She'll Let Them Know When it's Punk Enough...

With the Scene booking less shows these days we've decided that it will be nice time for us to take a little break from doing the regular club night thing. We had an AMAZING run during the time that we were there, and there are not enough ways in the world to say THANK YOU to everyone who played, and/or attended one of our shows there. We adore all of you tremendously.

But that doesn't mean we are packing up our turntables, and riding of into the proverbial (or literal) sunset. In addition to maintaining this thing here that you are currently reading; we will still be booking and presenting the odd show here or there (or Pehrspace,) and we will be DJ-ing for other peoples shows with what looks to be ever increasing frequency. That starts this Saturday when we DJ, um, Pehrspace for State Bird, No Little Kindness, and A Sunny Day in Glasgow. We've got the first night of the Mezzanine Owls Spaceland residency on May 5th, and a Classical Geek Theater presented show at The Scene on May 9th. We're kind of addicted to the whole playing records and watching people dance thing so if you need someone to DJ a show that you've got coming up, chances are we're just the girls you've been looking for. Visit us here if you would like to contact us!

Also, I believe that I've made reference once or twice in the past to the fact that I've been putting together some sets for the Dubstream. I am still a bit humbled by the fact that I get to be a part of something as exciting as Dublab so I still find it a bit hard to believe that I have an official show there. However, I have an official show there. You can now look forward to many more bouts of shameless self promotion when there is a new installment of "Not Quite Punk," in the Dubstream. As you've probably come to expect from me by now, "Not Quite Punk" will tend to translate into "mostly twee." Naturually indiepop makes up the bulk of what I tend to play, but there is simply too much good music out there to limit ones self to one genre, therefore "Not Quite Punk" will also tend to translate into "not quite anything." Oh, and it's a line from a Tullycraft song because there are so few things that I enjoy more in life than finding fun new ways to reference Tullycraft. Squaregirl Kristen has something in the works over there as well so we will DEFINITELY keep you posted as that comes together.

I think that covers just about everything for the time being. Of course if there are any new developments, you will be the first to know. We'll see you around town!

~sqg marion


sherri said...

i luv tullycraft too!

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