Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Staying Up, Eating Candy Floss

My life as a record collector never fails to provide me with surprises. I find myself paying much more than I would even consider paying for something in a store just because I am caught up in the moment of an Ebay bidding war. Of course I also have lists of 7"s that I would love to own, but that I also assume I will never see in real life. Courtney Love is a perfect example of this. Courtney Love released only three 7" EPs in the late 80s, and contributed a few songs to various comps for various labels. After a few years, the project disolved. Naturally having only read about this project on the internet I assumed that these songs would be impossible to track down. So far I have found two out of the three singles while casually browsing at record stores. I have still so far spent less than ten dollars total on Courtney Love singles.

I guess this would be a good time to mention that the Courtney Love that I am referring to is a band that was comprised of Lois Maffeo (more often known simply as Lois) and Pat Maley who went on to run the Yo-Yo studio, and label in Olympia. There is no definitive story as to how Lois Maffeo, and Courtney Michelle Harrison both came to use the name Courtney Love. I suppose the most popular one is that they decided as roommates in Olympia that Courtney Love would be a perfect rock and roll name. The songs that the band Courtney Love recorded sound pretty much nothing like the songs that the person Courtney Love recorded. They actually sound quite a bit like Lois' solo material which is mostly comprised of slightly off-kilter acoustic guitar, strummed in sweet, simple, dance-able rhythms. There are plenty of lyrics about crushes (or lack there of) handled in a smart, honest way. Some of my favorite things to hear in pop songs.

I can promise that you will hear at least one Courtney Love (band) song if you come to this thing tonight:

this wednesday!

Girlie action is defined by sexy, sophisticated, lovely ladies mixing the latest and greatest- we're celebrating new faces square girls, and la sandy on the decks while missing our own, dj mexi-kim, who’s record digging (vacationing) abroad- la sandy lays down thick disco funk and hip hop tracks while the dynamic duo square girls play an eclectic assortment dance floor fillers, and indie obscurities- be there


the Broadway Bar
830 S Broadway Blvd
Downtown LA @ 8th St



I will be DJ-ing, and since it's an all girl night I'm going to do my best to keep it to at least 80 percent female artists (I'm totally counting male/female duets) and songs that have the word girl in them.

We really hope to see you tonight!

~sqg Marion

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