Thursday, July 3, 2008

Things Seem to Work This Way, Sunday to Saturday

I REALLY should have been running a countdown to this weekend, a real one that is, published here...

Of course, the countdown in my mind has been going on for longer than I can remember.

How the two have not yet been able to coincide is completely beyond me.

Here it is now though. If you have been wondering just exactly you will recover from all of your various 4th of July festivities then you really need to look no furtherthan the flier above for Ventura County's Summershine Pop Fest. Replace that ringing in your ears left by the pretty fire works with the far prettier ringing that can only be brought about by exuberant sounding popmusic.

First, foremost, and the thing that should provide all of the incentive that you need to make a drive of any lenghth: PHIL WILSON is playing this show along with two other original members of the June Brides. Violinist Frank Sweeny, and trumpet player Jon Hunter in case you were wondering. Yes, that's right, Phil Wilson with the original voilinist, and original trumpet player of the June Brides! I could go on and on about the importance of the June Brides in the history of jangle pop, and how key they were in establishing the sound that would come to be known as "C-86," but videos explain this concept far more clearly. Please pay close attention to exactly how good the trumpet work is on this song!

Of course there are many more bands as well as several DJs involved with this lovely event, and the YAY! label (which had a MAJOR part in putting this whole thing together) has listed and explained each band in a far more concise manner than I ever could:

YAY! Records flagship band. The group is currently working on material for a debut full-length album.

Originally from the Philippines the groups has released tracks on comilations as well as eps on Humblebee Recordings and Cloudberry Records. A full-length album was released 2008 on Haymarket Recordings.

Fronted by Franklin For Short bassist Trevor Beld, they have an album on Beehouse Records as well as a new ep, The Earthling.

This bicycle loving quartet from LA has a couple upcoming singles, one on YAY! Records and the other on Cloudberry Records.

SWAY: Ventura's My Bloody Valentine, Sway has been shoegaze fixture for years. The first single was out in 2001, followed by their fabulous ep, The Milla Pink and Green in 2003 and their most recent released- the Winter Heart ep (2005).

Airy pop fronted by Chris Miller, an debut album came out in 2005 on Claire Records as well as a great ep Cloudberry Records (2007). They will be playing their first show ever at Summershine.

Fillmore lovable sibling duo, they have a single out on YAY! Records and continue to charm listeners with increasing live appearances.

YAY! Records newest sibling duo, the group has released cassette tapes on Pop Monster Records and Lost Sound Tapes. Future releases on YAY! Records are coming soon.

Another LA group, they have an album on Best Kept Secret Records as well as an upcoming album on Black Hand Records.

DEW WATS RT: A graduate of Brooks Institute in photography; originally from Michigan.

In addtition to BBQ and beverages there will be some fantastic DJs spinning for your pleasure:

JEFF GRIMES: Local music laurete, Grimes also fronts two bands: The Broken Strings and The Bad Trips.

MARION HODGES: Writer for blogsite/promotion group Squaregirls

GRADY RUNYAN: Owner of Ventura record store Grady's Record Refuge, also plays with Jeff Grime in The Bad Trips and The Broken Strings.

BRIAN CUNNINGHAM: Member of YAY! group, The Tartans, Cunningham is veteran of LA clubs and DJ team Substance.

JOSH REDMAN: KCSB general manager and host of radio show 5...4...3...2...Fun!, also plays in Watercolor Paintings

ERIC KAYSER: Owner of Ventura record shop, Buffalo Records; previously ran record label.

RICH YVARRA: First put together the Summer Pop Festival last year, also in the mix this year."

Oh yeah, if you happened to notice my name in the list of DJs, yes that is a real thing that is really happening. I'm kind of in shock over the fact that I'm included in such awesome company. Seriously, wow. I've been thinking it over all week and trying to pull out my very best indiepop/indiepop related records for the event. Hopefully I'll see some of you there! Please say hi if you make it!

Of course that's just Saturday. For those of you that simply can't make the drive, but will be in the L.A. area on Sunday you do have a second chance to catch Phil Wilson and company. He'll be playing the Echo on Sunday night for Part Time Punks along with the Tyde. Mike Shulman, founder of Slumberland Records (and member of one of my all time favorite bands Black Tambourine!!!) will be the special guest DJ! Can you imagine how good his record collection must be? I'm already preparing to spend most of the night marveling over how severe my lack of indiepop knowledge actually is. Yep, that's right, I'll be at both shows. I know I'm not the only one either. Please join us in the highly worthwhile exhaustion that will likely ensue!

By the way, I can't say for certain that Phil Wilson will perform the following cover song at both shows, but wouldn't it be amazing if he did?

Only one way to find out...

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