Thursday, November 6, 2008

In the end you'll still be you's been an interesting week. We've seen America finally take a stand and put the most deserving man in the highest position in the world. We've also seen California give into misinformation and deceit and make an egregious mistake. We pissed away a major opportunity to stand up and show the world we would fight against discrimination and intolerance and show that all people regardless of sexual orientation are created equal. But some of us are still standing and there is no doubt the fight will continue.

And now for a show plug...
If you feel like celebrating Obama's victory, or cursing California's ignorance - join us tonight! We'll be djing in between sets at the Scene for Black Kites, The Health Club, Thailand and Avi Buffalo

It's going to be a great show and we hope you will join us!

Also, I've been streaming dublab for the better part of the day. Listen here and support the proton drive and squaregirl Marion!


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Jim said...

Hey, really enjoy squaregirls. I live in the LA area and
thought I'd just let you guys know about this show that's coming up at
The Echo. I got wind of this guy named Rodriguez recently from a friend. He's been around for a long time, but just had his first album reissued and is now touring in support of it. This dude is
in his mid-60s and this is the first time he's played west of Detroit. It's weird like psych folk soul and is really pretty amazing.

He's playing in LA on the 21st at The Echo and SF on the 23rd at The Great American Music Hall (with The Entrance Band).

I don't know, I hadn't heard anything about it very many of the local blogs and thought that I'd just spread the word as I thought people would really interested in this.

Hope this gets a few more folk out at the show.