Monday, September 22, 2008

shoot the whole day down

I don't really like Mondays all that much. Particularly when I’ve just been off of work for a week. And even more particularly when I’ve spent that week up in the Pacific Northwest. I miss Seattle already.

The only thing saving my Monday (and that will make me brave the LA smog - cough cough) is a good show. And such is one tonight at the Echo. It's the second to the last of Death to Anders' Monday night residencies. It's an all-acoustic show with One Trick Pony, the Happy Hollows and Mad Gregs. Oh acoustic...a little calmer, a little more mellow and unplugged - kinda like Seattle.

Come join us tonight!

~sqg kristen

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Anonymous said...

thank you Kristen & Marion, and any other squaregirl we didn't see, once again, for lending your support and good tune-age last night!! -Nicholas....D2A